Sustainability & Ethics

Our goal is to provide a premium ethical and sustainable product. At Be Kind Apparel we are committed to maintaining the highest sustainability standards throughout our entire production and shipping process. We work with all our suppliers to ensure we continue to meet these standards every day. Whether it’s our garment supplier internationally recognised for sustainability production and material standards, or our packaging made from recycled materials, we try our very best to ensure the whole process is kind to planet.

We make a commitment to only work with partners that care just as much as we do about the treatment of workers and the safeguarding of workers’ rights. We are proud to partner with suppliers that share and promote these same values.

Our Seal of Approval 
Our products are recognised for their sustainable and ethical production. Our products are certified to the highest possible international standards. We want our customers to be excited, knowing they are supporting a brand that works hard to limit the impact on the environment and promote more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.